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Details of Juvenile fish densities and megafaunal isotopic data in the Bay of Concarneau and the Bay of Vilaine (Brittany, France)


Dataset identification

Title of datasetJuvenile fish densities and megafaunal isotopic data in the Bay of Concarneau and the Bay of Vilaine (Brittany, France)
Narrative summary of datasetThe shared data are (i) sizes (in cm) and densities (indiv.per1000m²) of juvenile fish and (ii) isotopic data (deltaC and deltaN) for macro- and mega-invertebrates, juvenile fish, and organic matter sources. These data are for 3 habitats (i.e. Sternaspis scutata, Amphiura filiformis/Owenia fusiformis, and Haploops nirae habitats, respectively coded as Code.Habitat 1, 2, and 3) in two coastal bays of South Brittany; the Bay of Concarneau (Code.Bay 1) and the Bay of Vilaine (Code.Bay 2). See the map attached to the dataset for more details.
Supporting documentationHow to cite: Chaalali Aurelie, Brind
Start date2009-07-26
End date2009-08-10

Responsible organisations

Organisation nameIFREMER
Role of organisationDataset Holding Organisation

Dataset availability

Original dataset download link
Dataset formatDelimited
Public accessNo limitations
License for useCC0 1.0


Latitude north boundary48
Longitude east boundary-2.2
Latitude south boundary47.2
Longitude west boundary-4.5
Coordinate reference systemWorld Geodetic System 84
Sea areaNorth Atlantic Ocean
Bay of Biscay
Atlantic Ocean
European mainland
Northeast Atlantic Ocean (40W)

Data types, collection and processing

Observation typeFisheries
ParameterFish abundance in water bodies

Process information

Submitting organisationIFREMER / DYNECO- Coastal Environment Dynamics department
Submission identifier (UUID)089c7468-6fd4-4fb6-a84d-b1252798c43d
Date of dataset creation2016-01-01
Date of metadata creation2019-03-21
Date of metadata latest revision2019-03-29
Date of publishing2019-04-01
Processing data centreIFREMER / IDM / SISMER - Scientific Information Systems for the SEA
Summary record-ID449