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Operational oceanography - Contribute to EMODnet Physics

The EMODnet Physics portal deals with physical oceanography datasets and gives an integrated  shop window for 2 major data streams:

  • Near Real Time (NRT) data
  • Archived and validated timeseries data

The data streams are collected by fixed and moving platforms such as fixed stations, moorings,  buoys, tide gauges, surface drifters, ferryboxes, argo floats,  gliders, HF radars and other platforms. Each platform may provide one or more physical parameters of the sea, namely sea surface temperature, temperature in the water body column, sea surface salinity, sea salinity in the water column, sea surface currents, sea level, wave direction, wave peak, waves frequency, atmospheric pressure at sea level, sea turbidity,  and chlorophyll(a).

At present the EMODnet Physics portal provides access to data timeseries of more than 22.000 platforms as illustrated in the image below from the EMODnet Physics portal.

EMODnet-Physics map

Operators of physical oceanography monitoring platforms that are not yet available in EMODnet Physics portal are encouraged to get connected and make their data streams available in near real time and as archived data timeseries. Check the instructions in the 'operational data' navigation menu. Alternatively you can download a guidance document.